Snow Output File - Image Driver

The snow file contains information about the snowpack, averaged across all elevation bands and vegetation tiles. The set of variables in this file depends on the values of FULL_ENERGY and FROZEN_SOIL in the global parameter file. Snow files are always written, regardless of the mode of operation. Snow file name is snow.**.nc, where ** is determined by AGGFREQ variable specified in the global parameter file.

The default snow output file is in netCDF format, with the same data structure described in the image driver output format. the list of default flux variables are:

Variable Name Dimension Units Description
OUT_SWE [time, lat, lon] mm Snow water equivalent in snow pack
OUT_SNOW_DEPTH [time, lat, lon] cm Depth of snow pack
OUT_SNOW_CANOPY [time, lat, lon] mm Snow interception storage in canopy
OUT_SNOW_COVER [time, lat, lon] fraction Fractional area of snow cover
The following variables are only output when FULL_ENERGY or FROZEN_SOIL is TRUE in the global parameter file
OUT_ADVECTION [time, lat, lon] W/m2 Advected energy
OUT_DELTACC [time, lat, lon] W/m2 Rate of change in cold content in snow pack
OUT_SNOW_FLUX [time, lat, lon] W/m2 Energy flux though snow pack
OUT_RFRZ_ENERGY [time, lat, lon] W/m2 Net energy used to refreeze liquid water in snowpack
OUT_MELT_ENERGY [time, lat, lon] W/m2 Energy of fusion (melting) in snowpack
OUT_ADV_SENS [time, lat, lon] W/m2 Net sensible heat flux advected to snow pack
OUT_LATENT_SUB [time, lat, lon] W/m2 Net upward latent heat flux due to sublimation
OUT_SNOW_SURF_TEMP [time, lat, lon] C Snow surface temperature
OUT_SNOW_PACK_TEMP [time, lat, lon] C Snow pack temperature
OUT_SNOW_MELT [time, lat, lon] mm Snow melt
The following variables are only output when BLOWING is TRUE in the global parameter file
OUT_SUB_BLOWING [time, lat, lon] mm Net sublimation of blowing snow
OUT_SUB_SURFACE [time, lat, lon] mm Net sublimation from snow pack surface
OUT_SUB_SNOW [time, lat, lon] mm Total sublimation from snow pack (surface and blowing)