VIC is an open source research model. All development activity is coordinated via the VIC github page, where you can also find all archived, current, beta, and development versions of the model.

Features Under Development

There are currently a number of active development projects working on VIC. To see which features are slated for future release, take a look at the issues in our development milestones page on GitHub.

Development and Collaboration

If you are a VIC user and have found a bug or have improved your private version of VIC in some way, please let us know by submitting an issue at the UW-Hydro VIC GitHub Issues Page. We also welcome discussion about larger updates and new features in VIC.

Beta Testing

Do you consider yourself a pioneer? Are you eager to try new features of the VIC model before anyone else? Do you enjoy helping make the world a better place? If so, then volunteer to be a tester for the model.

We are actively developing VIC 5. A publicly available version of the development branch for this release is kept at the UW-Hydro/VIC GitHub page. If you would like to try out the current development version, feel free to check out the develop branch.