VIC Model Outputs - Image Driver

Model Results

The contents of the results files can be controlled by the user, by options/instructions in the global parameter file. If no output file instructions are given in the global parameter file, VIC will create default output files with default variables.

How to Control the Contents of VIC Output Files

List of possible output variables (given in the file vic_driver_shared_all.h)

Default Output Files

How to Add New Output Variables (that aren't currently available)

The VIC Runtime Logs

If the LOG_DIR variable is provided in the global parameter file, VIC will output its logging to a log file (file name is determined at runtime). The default logging location is stderr. The verbosity of these logs can be controlled by setting the LOG_LVL variable in the Makefile.

State File (optional)

VIC can save the hydrologic state from any point in the simulation (usually the final state) to a file for the purpose of re-starting the simulation later (as an initial state file). This is useful for simulations that require lengthy spin-up periods or ensemble methods.

State File Structure

The point at which the hydrologic state is saved, and the name/location of the state file, can be specified by the user in the global parameter file.