VIC Model Outputs

Model Results

The contents of the results files can be controlled by the user, by options/instructions in the global parameter file. If no output file instructions are given in the global parameter file, VIC will create the same 2 or 3 output files by default.

How to Control the Contents of VIC Output Files

List of possible output variables (given in the file vic_driver_shared_all.h)

Default Output Files

How to Add New Output Variables (that aren't currently available)

The VIC Runtime Logs

If the LOG_DIR variable is provided in the global parameter file, VIC will output its logging to a log file (file name is determined at runtime). The default logging location is stderr. The verbosity of these logs can be controlled by setting the LOG_LVL variable in the Makefile.

State File (optional)

VIC can save the hydrologic state from any point in the simulation (usually the final state) to a file for the purpose of re-starting the simulation later (as an initial state file). This is useful for simulations that require lengthy spin-up periods or ensemble methods.

State File Structure

The point at which the hydrologic state is saved, and the name/location of the state file, can be specified by the user in the global parameter file.