Lake Output File

The lake file contains information about the lake fraction of the grid cell. Lake files are only written when LAKES is set equal to a valid lake parameter file, in the global parameter file. Lake files begin with the prefix lake_.

Each output file contains model output from one grid cell. The files use the naming convention fluxes_xx.xx_yy.yy, where xx.xx is the latitude, and yy.yy is the longitude. The number of decimal places in the output filename is determined by the GRID_DECIMAL in the global parameter file, while the latitude and longitude values come from the soil parameter file.

Column Variable Name Units Description
1 OUT_LAKE_ICE_TEMP C Temperature of lake ice
2 OUT_LAKE_ICE_HEIGHT cm Thickness of lake ice
3 OUT_LAKE_ICE_FRACT fraction Fractional coverage of lake ice
4 OUT_LAKE_DEPTH m Lake depth (distance between surface and deepest point)
5 OUT_LAKE_SURF_AREA m2 Lake surface area
6 OUT_LAKE_VOLUME m3 Lake volume
7 OUT_LAKE_SURF_TEMP C Lake surface temperature
8 OUT_EVAP_LAKE mm Net evaporation from lake surface