Lake Output File

The lake file contains information about the lake fraction of the grid cell. Lake files are only written when LAKES is set equal to a valid lake parameter file, in the global parameter file. Lake file name is lake.**.nc, where ** is determined by AGGFREQ variable specified in the global parameter file.

The default flux output file is in netCDF format, with the same data structure described in the image driver output format. the list of default flux variables are:

Variable Name Units Description
OUT_LAKE_ICE_TEMP C Temperature of lake ice
OUT_LAKE_ICE_HEIGHT cm Thickness of lake ice
OUT_LAKE_ICE_FRACT fraction Fractional coverage of lake ice
OUT_LAKE_DEPTH m Lake depth (distance between surface and deepest point)
OUT_LAKE_SURF_AREA m2 Lake surface area
OUT_LAKE_VOLUME m3 Lake volume
OUT_LAKE_SURF_TEMP C Lake surface temperature
OUT_EVAP_LAKE mm Net evaporation from lake surface