Snow Output File

The snow file contains information about the snowpack, averaged across all elevation bands and vegetation tiles. The set of variables in this file depends on the values of FULL_ENERGY and FROZEN_SOIL in the global parameter file. Snow files are always written, regardless of the mode of operation. Snow files begin with the prefix snow_.

Each output file contains model output from one grid cell. The files use the naming convention fluxes_xx.xx_yy.yy, where xx.xx is the latitude, and yy.yy is the longitude. The number of decimal places in the output filename is determined by GRID_DECIMAL in the global parameter file, while the latitude and longitude values come from the soil parameter file.

Column Variable Name Units Description
1 OUT_SWE mm Snow water equivalent in snow pack
2 OUT_SNOW_DEPTH cm Depth of snow pack
3 OUT_SNOW_CANOPY mm Snow interception storage in canopy
4 OUT_SNOW_COVER fraction Fractional area of snow cover
The following variables are only output when FULL_ENERGY or FROZEN_SOIL is TRUE in the global parameter file
5 OUT_ADVECTION W/m2 Advected energy
6 OUT_DELTACC W/m2 Rate of change in cold content in snow pack
7 OUT_SNOW_FLUX W/m2 Energy flux though snow pack
8 OUT_RFRZ_ENERGY W/m2 Net energy used to refreeze liquid water in snowpack
9 OUT_MELT_ENERGY W/m2 Energy of fusion (melting) in snowpack
10 OUT_ADV_SENS W/m2 Net sensible heat flux advected to snow pack
11 OUT_LATENT_SUB W/m2 Net upward latent heat flux due to sublimation
12 OUT_SNOW_SURF_TEMP C Snow surface temperature
13 OUT_SNOW_PACK_TEMP C Snow pack temperature
14 OUT_SNOW_MELT mm Snow melt
The following variables are only output when BLOWING is TRUE in the global parameter file
15 OUT_SUB_BLOWING mm Net sublimation of blowing snow
16 OUT_SUB_SURFACE mm Net sublimation from snow pack surface
17 OUT_SUB_SNOW mm Total sublimation from snow pack (surface and blowing)