Flux Output Files

The primary output file type for the VIC-NL model is the flux file, which contains information about moisture and energy fluxes for each time step. These output files are based on the model output files used for the PILPS-2C project. The number of variables in this file depends on the values of FULL_ENERGY and FROZEN_SOIL in the global parameter file; when either FULL_ENERGY or FROZEN_SOIL are true, the file will contain the same number of columns as found in the PILPS-2C files for comparison purposes. Flux files are always written, regardless of the mode of operation. Flux files begin with the prefix "fluxes_".

Each output file contains model output from one grid cell. The files use the naming convention "fluxes_xx.xx_yy.yy", where xx.xx is the latitude, and yy.yy is the longitude. The number of decimal places in the output filename is determined by GRID_DECIMAL in the global parameter file, while the latitude and longitude values come from the soil parameter file.

Flux File Format

Column Variable Name Units Description
1 year year Year of current record
2 month month Month of current record
3 day day Day of current record
4 hour hour Hour of current record (if time step is sub-daily)
5 OUT_PREC mm Precipitation for current record
6 OUT_EVAP mm Evaporation for current record
7 OUT_RUNOFF mm Runoff for current record
8 OUT_BASEFLOW mm Baseflow for current record
9 OUT_WDEW mm Canopy interception of liquid water
10: Nlayer+9 OUT_SOIL_LIQ mm Moisture content of each soil layer
OUT_RAD_TEMP is only output when FULL_ENERGY or FROZEN_SOIL is TRUE in the global parameter file
Nlayer+10 OUT_RAD_TEMP K Radiative temperature of the surface
Nlayer+11 OUT_NET_SHORT W/m2 Net shortwave radiation at the surface
Nlayer+12 OUT_R_NET W/m2 Net radiation at the surface, includes long and shortwave radiation
OUT_LATENT is only output when FULL_ENERGY or FROZEN_SOIL is TRUE in the global parameter file
Nlayer+13 OUT_LATENT W/m2 Latent heat from the surface
Nlayer+14 OUT_EVAP_CANOP mm Evaporation from canopy storage
Nlayer+15 OUT_TRANSP_VEG mm Transpiration from the vegetation
Nlayer+16 OUT_EVAP_BARE mm Evaporation from bare soil
Nlayer+17 OUT_SUB_CANOP mm Sublimation from canopy interception
Nlayer+18 OUT_SUB_SNOW mm Sublimation from ground snow pack
The following four variables are only output when FULL_ENERGY or FROZEN_SOIL is TRUE in the global parameter file
Nlayer+19 OUT_SENSIBLE W/m2 Sensible heat flux from the surface
Nlayer+20 OUT_GRND_FLUX W/m2 Ground heat flux plus heat storage in the top soil layer
Nlayer+21 OUT_DELTAH W/m2 (ALMA_OUTPUT: J/m2) Rate of change in heat storage
Nlayer+22 OUT_FUSION W/m2 Net energy used to melt/freeze soil moisture
Nlayer+23 OUT_AERO_RESIST s/m Aerodynamic resistance
Nlayer+24 OUT_SURF_TEMP C Surface temperature
Nlayer+25 OUT_ALBEDO fraction Albedo of surface cover
Nlayer+26 OUT_REL_HUMID fraction Relative humidity
Nlayer+27 OUT_IN_LONG W/m2 Incoming longwave at ground surface (under vegetation)
Nlayer+28 OUT_AIR_TEMP C (ALMA_OUTPUT: K) Air temperature
Nlayer+29 OUT_WIND m/s Near surface wind speed